RU 11 | Creating Your Business Vision


Any business should create a positive impact on the world. You need to create a vision for your business to deliver that impact. Vito La Fata, the owner of Fitness Profit Systems, shows us how we can create the vision for our business and our life that we want and find a way to monetize that. Vito is the go-to business and marketing educator, personal brand coach, and certified high-performance trainer of wellness and fitness professionals who are looking to grow their brand online. He outlines the five things you need to look at to efficiently start our own online business, and teaches on how to find and build an audience, scale your money, and perpetuate your message.

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Creating Your Business Vision with Vito La Fata

On this episode, I sit down with my good friend Vito La Fata. For those who don’t know, Vito is doing some amazing work down in Temecula with helping business owners create their vision. It’s called Vision In the Vineyards. You’ll hear more about it on the show but it’s around taking the concept of how you create the vision for your business, for your life, for what you want and turn that and find a way to monetize that. Enjoy this episode but before we dive in there, I have some big announcements. 2019 RISE is happening on November 8th, 9th and 10th here in Dallas, Texas. The early bird will be opened for $297. There are some amazing bonuses. Another one is Rise Academy is happening in August here in Dallas, Texas. It’s a one-day fitness, business and sales and marketing event. It’s free. All you’ve got to do is register. Hit me up. Let me know if you are interested in any of those. There are some big things coming down the pipeline. If you love it, share it. Comment and leave me some reviews. I would love to see what you are thinking about these episodes.

On this episode, I have my amazingly good friend, Mr. Vito La Fata. Vito, welcome to the show.

I’m pumped to be here.

Thank you. It’s been a while since you and I connected. I’m excited to catch up and see what’s going on and see how you’ve been. Before we do that, I want to kick some things off with some rapid-fire questions so the audience gets to know you a little bit more. First question, what is your favorite quote?

“Only two things change your life. Either something new comes into your life or something new comes out of you.” It’s been one of my favorites because it speaks to the constant need for a new environment, new people and new skills coming in. If you want something new to come out of you, you’ve got to have to put yourself into that constant growth and evolution process. I anchor that one in my life a lot.

The second question, what’s one of your superpowers?

I’m the personal brand whisperer like the horse whisperers and the dog whisperers. You give me somebody that has a ton of knowledge and they’re like, “How do I translate this into a personal brand?” I throw him up on a Vineyard with wine. I have the wine, too. It’s like magic. Almost everybody that’s here, it’s like, “Can you start drinking the wine? Because you do your best work on the wine.” I’m like, “I know it’s a gift. I can pull out a personal brand just like that.” Wine and personal brands are my powers.

What are three of your favorite books?

High Performance Habits is one of my favorite books from Brendon Burchard. It’s a total skill set builder. If you don’t have a high performance in your life, you’re fucked. You might as well get that book inside your brain. It’s two authors besides that I would highly recommend. Ben Settle who is all about email copy but he’d pay more than email copy. It’s the way he writes about everything in life, business and whatnot. He’s hilarious. Not everybody’s cup of tea but he’s awesome, and then anything Dan Kennedy. It’s their newsletters. I read all their books and stuff but if I was going to be like authors, check their shit out because they have too many things and it’s the encompassment of their body of work. That is what’s amazing. Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy and Ben Settle.

You’re the second person that’s mentioned Ben Settle to me.

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Who’s the other one?

It’s AJ Roberts. As I’ve grown my email list, he’s been, “Go read what he does and what he writes about.” It is the fullest emails ever.

Subscribe to his newsletter because it’s the best $97 you’ll spend a month. I look forward to that newsletter every month coming in. Get on the guy’s email list and you’ll start to see what email copy looks like. I’m like, “I want to be him when I grow up someday.” When I get that good, I want to be you, Ben Settle.

Who’s Dan Kennedy?

He’s one of the original Founders of GKIC but he’s got that whole brand, No B.S., and he’s got books like No B.S. Direct Marketing, No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs. He’s written some 40 odd books. The man is an icon of marketing and direct response. If you’re new to marketing, his book, The Ultimate Marketing Plan, if you don’t have that in your skull and you’re in business, I don’t know what you’re doing in business. You’ve got to have that sucker down. It will be the best introduction to direct response and real marketing that you can track and measure stuff as compared to the big dumb brand marketing that people get sucked into that will legitimately take you off.

What is one of your greatest lifetime achievements?

My family and our daily life experience because it took a long time for us to get to a place where we have exactly what we want in the sense of we wake up and we have our gardens, our fountains and our vineyard and we’re here every day with Luca. We get to feed him in the morning and feed him at night. I try to be like, “I’m done with him.” That daily life experience where it’s what you busted ass for because I didn’t have that coming up in the business and in the industry. To finally have that and Anna gets to live that and Luca gets to be raised in that and see that you can opt-out of the job role and opt-out of the brick and mortar world and say, “This is how we live now.” That’s going to be what goes down as my greatest achievement.

How’s fatherhood?

It’s good and it’s a challenge but it’s amazing watching every day their brains and learn something new and how they never give up and how persistent they are. Sometimes in business, I’m like, “Watch a kid, watch your baby. He falls down all the time and gets back up.” Maybe there’s a lesson of life right there and there is persistence and doggedness to be heard. There’s all you need to know about marketing, be persistent. If you want to be heard, you got it. We’re done with all our business and life lessons from a nine-month-old.

RU 11 | Creating Your Business Vision

Creating Your Business Vision: Part of the problem in our industry and why a lot of people struggle is they’re not looking forward enough.


I always say, “If you want to learn sales, go watch a five-year-old or six-year-old and watch them sell the parent.”

I’m looking forward to those. I can’t wait to raise him in that stuff and I’m going to make him a little salesman straight out of me totally.

Last rapid-fire question, what are you grateful for?

Probably the same thing, my family that we have and the people we’re surrounded by. We’ve done a good job throughout the life of weeding out the people that you don’t want and attracting the people that we do want. There’s a lot of joy and abundance, giving and caring that goes around that. Sometimes I listen to people, I’m like, “That sucks. Every day there is drama or this or that.” I’m like, “We have almost none,” in a sense because we don’t have the things that we’re working through but being able to call Scott Rockliff and dick around with him on the phone all the time. My cousins and being in great mentorship groups and having the great people around that and it’s always high-level talk. A lot of fun going on that our family and the people around us is what life is all about. Isn’t that why we busted our fucking asses to be here?

I want to get into some of the questions I have and they’re around the whole The Visionary Planner. I wanted to start there because as I’ve known you for several years through Todd’s mastermind. We’ll share it of where you started from the Gold’s Gym in New York to open up your own place to going online and then now you’re The Visionary Planner. There’s been this identity shift or evolution with Vito. Can you talk about that as far as that evolution you went through and then more importantly or just as important the evolution a lot of gym owners have to go through or need to go through in order to get that success they’re looking for in business?

That can be the constant evolution, if we think about that, there’s nothing stagnant in life. Especially here we are fit pros, we understand the human body and everything is evolutionary. When we don’t understand that, take that concept and extrapolate it into our lives. The fact we need to continuously grow and be willing sometimes to let go and continue to move on. You’re denying your own evolution of what you believe about the human body for how you have to live your own life because our industry and part of its problem that I’ve seen for why a lot of people struggle is they’re not looking forward enough.

They’re holding onto a lot of the old versus what’s going on in the new and that’s causing a lot of stagnation. A lot of people just not live in the way they could be and I’m grossly bucketing and generalizing but I got that everywhere there. When I woke up a day in the fitness industry and I was like, “I have no more hours that I can work.” I’m working 60 plus hours and you run into that physical barrier and you’re like, “This is what I was told this business is about. I have no life. I’m burning out. I’m making good money but not phenomenal money. Is this it?” I have yet to address that moment to be like, “This can’t be it.”

I refused this to be it because other people say this is it. I was like, “I have to evolve this and move on to the next thing,” and the only option we had was to be a business owner. All we were taught back then was brick and mortar bootcamps type stuff. I evolved to say, “I can’t do this trainer thing anymore. I’ll move to brick and mortar owner,” because that’s what we know. The options are completely blown through the roof. I would be stopping somebody now and say, “Before you go and do what I did, refinance my house, take out $60,000, put that into opening a brick and mortar business.” I would be like, “Let’s have that conversation before you do that.”

It seemed down to at some point, the same thing, I woke up in the brick and mortar business. The business is good on paper and everybody’s making good money except I’m feeding everything to make sure they’re all growing. I wasn’t growing enough myself and I was like, “Is this what this is about? Because of these margins and this stuff, nobody told us that when you own this, this is what your life looks like and these are the skills you have to have.” Everything that the industry is telling us that I should focus on isn’t what I should be focusing on as a business owner and I had to evolve through that.

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It came down to them like, “I’m going to pick the different skill sets.” I remember I was at a Dan Kennedy event and he had said, it was like, “If you’re in your industry and you hit the levels of where you can go and you’re looking around and you’re like, ‘How do I get to the next level?’ The thing you should do is stop looking in your industry because all of them probably don’t know how to get through because they’re on the same boat as you. You’re going to have to think outside your industry, get outside perspective and do something different.” That’s when I ended up making the decision to add a network marketing business with Beachbody. I started going online and I started to be like, “I’m going to hit this evolutionary process,” and move into that. I didn’t hold onto the anchors that a lot of people are like, “Trainer, I’m not a trainer anymore.” I’m like, “So what?” Some people hold that identity thing to themselves.

Studio owner, it’s the same thing. I remember 2014 when I decided to leave the studio world and all that and go completely online. A lot of people are like, “You’re a sellout. You’re not doing the brick and mortar anymore. You’re shifting to teaching the online thing,” and I’m like, “You’re saying that as if I give a fuck about your opinion because I don’t care.” Most of the industry is broke. I don’t like living broke and I remember that defining moment where I was like, “Living broke sucks. I don’t want to live this way.” It was 2010 and I had gone through buying out the ex-partner that put me $105,000 in debt. I lost the effing house that I used to finance, the freaking gym and all that stuff because that was 2008 and the crash. I held on as long as I could but you couldn’t do it anymore or whatnot. I remember being like, “I would suck as a dad and I would suck as a husband if this is my reality right now and this is the way I live.”

My dad was never around when I was a kid. We owned a restaurant and he worked all the time at the restaurant. They were immigrants and taught us the most amazing lessons. He never saw a game of my life and I competed up to state championship type of stuff. He never was around to talk about girls. I was like, “This is not what I want to be as a spouse when I get married one day and this is not what I want to be as a dad.” That hard realization and everybody needs to look for that moment in their life where you say, “This is the hard realization. This is the moment I say enough is enough, no more.” That moment catapulted me to be like, “I have to learn the next things that are going to move me forward for the rest of my life and allow me to live the life I want,” because the way it’s being portrayed in the industry isn’t giving it to me. I’m going to paint a different picture.

At some point, it evolved more about how do I teach people to go online? Mark my words, in the next few years, the future of family business is online businesses. They’ll be the same as brick and mortar were. They’ll be the same as freaking job shit. This will be ubiquitous and the new skill set of the future that if you aren’t learning this game, you’ll be the coal miners looking for the government handout, as compared to you should have learned a long time ago that all the industries can die and evolve and some manufacturing got moved.

We understand that AI, automation and technology are coming. If you’re not thinking, “I better diversify, open up my business, move forward, figure this online thing out and either marry it with what you’ve got with your brick and mortar or think about what the next things are that you can do if you want a different lifestyle.” I don’t know what’s going to happen but that whole thing is what led us to where we’re here. The tough part is as I watch a lot in the market because I’m involved with all the guys, these people and whatnot. They’re all teaching the high-level strategy thought selling you on the opportunity of online but as we’ve been working with hundreds and hundreds of people, no one’s talking to, “You’re the startup.”

You’re not ready to do the one funnel away thing. You don’t even have an audience. You don’t have an offer that’s converting. You don’t have a sales process, you don’t know how to be distinct in the market and you think that that one funnel thing, I love that and I got that. I was already in the market so that message can hit but you’re brand new and you’re thinking that or the people that are saying, “Launch the one webinar or launch the one course.” They need a fucking business model and a person that’s brand-new that needs to be in startup stages. How do you start up a business and get it going online? The same way you’re going to open up a brick and mortar business. You go to the small business association and they are like, “Let’s do these things in the right order so that you open up your business in the right way as a new brick and mortar owner.” We’re entering to be like, “Let’s do that for the startup in the online world and let’s show you how to set up your business, get an entity set up, get your marketing in place, figure out your distinction and all of that.” That’s our commitment because we believe it’s the future of work and the future of family business.

To that point, because I want to talk about that. There’s this misconception or misunderstanding about starting an online fitness business. They think it’s easier than running a brick and mortar. There’s that misconception and you hear it. You and I were in the same circles, look at the same things and you hear, “I’m going to start an online business. I’m going to start an online training,” not realizing it is its own business and it’s not just a side thing. You’ve taken on that role of saying, “We’re going to help you create your online business and teach you how to run it like a business.” What does that look like? Where would you start with someone with that type of who’s wanting to go online?

That’s super simple because there are only five things that they have to look at. First, it has to always be clarity of the vision and clarity of the business plan because if you don’t have the vision for what you’re doing and you are doing the kind of stuff you see people do, you’re going to throw out a product. You’re going to throw out a course. You might make a few bucks here or there and only if you have an audience. Do you have an audience that you could sell to? Do you know how many people have come into our program and they’re like, “I’ve got an audience?” “Who is it?” They’re like, “It’s my existing clients.” “How many interested clients do you have?” They’re like, “20 to 40.” I’m like, “They’re already paying your other shit and you’re going to sell a different version of it. Some of them might take it but after they run out, where’s your new audience? After your mom, grandmother and aunt Carol bought three each, what are you going to do?”

They stall out and you didn’t first sit back and get, “What’s the vision of what I’m trying to do is? What’s the mission of what I’m trying to do? Who am I serving and what do they need? Do I know market research? Do I understand them?” You start there. No vision, nowhere to go. You wake up in a business that you hate. I’ve seen people wake up in online businesses that they don’t like. Get clear on what you want, the timetable you want, the kind of money you want to make, the kind of life that you want to make and get that down. Get clear on the lifestyle, then get clear on the business plan because most of them think a course is an online business and even I do online training, that’s not a business. That’s you doing a service but you’ve translated it to online. That’s not an actual business.

RU 11 | Creating Your Business Vision

Creating Your Business Vision: If you can’t answer how you move a person from here to there, they aren’t choosing you.


You might make some money but it isn’t going to run on its own without you. Get clear on the business plan and a lot of people were never taught audience problems, figure out how to be distinct in the market, etc. Start there then you’ve got to know how to build an audience because you’re jumping into the product and the website. Who do you get to sell to? There’s a fundamental flaw with, “I built a product and I have nobody to sell it to.” Do we see the fundamental flaw? There’s no one to fucking sell to. You have to know how to generate an audience and get the audience to know, like and trust you enough to want to buy from you but most people aren’t starting with the audience. They’re starting with the product.

In this time, with all the noise on Facebook and everybody talking about the same thing and saying the same thing, how do I find an audience or start building an audience?

One, you ask yourself who you want to serve. We’re clear. We want to serve the online business startup person that’s serious, that doesn’t want to dick around and that wants this life. That’s who I want to serve then they go check, is it a viable audience and things like that? You start them with, “What are their actual problems? What are their desires, their wants, their ambitions, their struggles and their frustrations?” A sale only happens in the process of somebody saying, “I’m not happy with something X, Y, Z, this problem and I want to be somewhere else,” and you have to figure out the now to wow is what we call it, the visionary arc type thing and you need to know that. If you can’t answer how you move a person from here to there, they aren’t choosing you. They’re going to go choose the person that knows how to do that. That’s why most people in our industry don’t like the idea but I’ve got to go to study marketing. That’s why it broke. You’re not studying marketing, so you don’t know how I talk to the problems and then show how I’m distinct in solving them. The number one fear that we always get is, “How am I going to stand out?”

That’s a real thing in the saturation of what’s going on out there but only the lazy don’t figure it out. The person that wants to figure it out can build a methodology, create a process, create a framework or create a system. The biggest thing after you got clarity division, you know who you want to serve and you’ve done some research on them. You’re like, “I know more about them.” You’ve got to figure out your distinction and that’s what we teach our students to something called the teaching map. This is how you’re going to learn to teach a replicable process that you can then go name it something. The Visionary Planner, we named it that. We give it a name. We gave it a process.

That’s what makes it unique and becomes your IP, your Intellectual Property. Most people just sit down and they’re like, “What am I trying to help a person achieve?” They’re trying to sell a service as compared to I’m trying to move the person from, “I ride the bench in sports but I want to get to a scholarship level player.” To get that person from, “I ride the bench to I’m a scholarship contender,” what are the journeys? What are the outcomes or the milestones that that person needs to do? Otherwise, you can sell it once, twice, three times but if you can’t make it a sustainable process where you shoved me any kid in that process and he’ll come out on the other end.

You don’t have a process. You have just like, “It works sometimes,” but figure out what you do well, look at your process and break it up into milestones and outcomes. You can create a singular framework and that becomes your million-dollar offer. That becomes your thing where you’re like, “That’s the thing that can go step. That’s the thing I can go package.” We reframed our offer. The Visionary Planner’s our overarching brand but what is a person that is getting in the startup phase need? They need the ultimate online business Kickstarter because they need to learn how to kickstart their business. When I’m talking scale from $30,000 to $100,000 a month, $100,000 to $500,000, it’s a different problem. You need to know how to kickstart it. You go from nothing to having your business kickstarted and funding its growth. That’s six months right there. That’s what we’ll do then from there, we’ll worry about the next thing.

Somebody needs to be able to take that, “Now, we can sell that offer,” otherwise, go figure it out on your own but we know that we defined that process. The audience can figure out that fucking thing. You can sell a high ticket. You’re selling things for $2,000 to $5,000. Let’s use some easy numbers. How many people do you need to be making $25,000 a month if you had a $5,000 offer in the market? Five people and they think the numbers have to be drastic because they’re like, “I need tens of thousands of followers online.” No, you don’t. If you’re selling a $50 product, you do, but if you’re selling a $5,000 product, it might be a 90-day program but you take the payment upfront, you need five people a month to be making $25,000.

Do you find there’s resistance though to that? In the training space, asking a trainer to sell a $5,000 whatever, have you felt resistance to something?

Of course, but their money mindset issues are not my problem. We always joke if you’re 21, fairly decently educated and you still have money or sales mindset problems, go get a therapist. Go figure out what did mom or dad teach you? Were you around in some negative environment? Were you raised in a cultural thing or generational thing? My dad could not conceive of the numbers and the things that we do because they were immigrants from Sicily. They could not process the things that we do but it didn’t mean I had to accept that frame of mind for what I do. Even when I got started, I couldn’t imagine being like, “We charged $10,000 for a thing,” but you’re a startup. This is how to set up an online business. If you’re not willing to invest $10,000, go buy some little course somewhere. Go do that when you’re ready to play because people open up a brick and mortar studio and pay $50,000 to $100,000 to start a studio and they don’t think to themselves, “How do I come out with what I’m worth on the market?” That’s your money mindset problem that you need to figure out and get over to the sales thing.

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The difference between that is, do you know how to package the offer confidently enough to make the promise that you are like, “From 0 to 90 days, I will help you lose that 30 pounds guaranteed while teaching you how to have a better lifestyle, get stuff in your day done, feel energized and put the power back in your sex.” A different promise than, “Here are twenty sessions, here’s this and that. We’ll work out twenty times together,” as compared to, “I know how to move you from here to here. How long have you struggled with this? When do you want to get here? What will life look like when you’re here? If you don’t change a life, what will that look like here?”

To this day, I study sales because that’s what allows me to go command the rates that we do. I know how to make the pain and the reward obvious to the person. If the person doesn’t want it, move on, next. There are a lot of people. Trainers need to get out of their way and stop worrying because I’ll always look at the state of the industry. How many people are making six figures or more with lifestyle? Not six figures and I’ve burnt the fuck out. Six figures but I have a life and I’m working twenty hours a week or less and I’m living the dream life that I want.

It’s very few and not that many.

Something’s broken in the model of what we’re teaching. The fact we still don’t have a lot of sales training at conferences. The marketing training always has to be softer because we’ve got to ease people into the conversation and it’s all fine, but at some point, the person that’s listening half your audience is like, “This dude’s a dick,” and half are like, “He’s right. We should put the onus on ourselves and take responsibility for the future,” and maybe a third of that will go do something with it. That’s the third we’re always talking to and I bet you if you look at your numbers, you’re like, “I know what he’s talking about.”

I do and I’ve noticed it with running RISE for several years. Knowing those ones that take action after the speaker goes on stage and shares what they’re talking about. You then see their business grow over the months leading up past the event. Those are the ones and that’s the small percentage.

Let’s take the quote that you and I started this off with. “Something new has to come in, in order for something new to come out.” I look at trainers and I’m like, “How long have you had this issue of I’m afraid to charge that amount?” They’re like, “All the time.” I’m like, “Your life looks like what right now?” They’re like, “I’m not happy. I’m not there and I don’t have the money I want. I don’t have the freedom that I want. I have to leave in the morning at 5:00 and come home at 8:00. I barely see my kid and my spouse and I are like passing ships in the night.” Everything you’re fucking doing has built that and your money and your sales problem, it’s led to that. What if, I’m spitballing here, you change that money and sales mindset? What could your life look like? Everything you’re doing got you here. You need to do something different. You need something new coming in, a new money mindset, a new sales mindset, a new set of capabilities if you want to go live a different life. Otherwise, the way you’re thinking got you right here and what you’re doing got you right here.

You must be willing to have something new come in to get something new to come out of your brain so that you can go produce something new. That’s a fact. They might not like it but it isn’t your problem and it isn’t my problem. That’s their life problem. That’s a fair argument. It’s not always nice to say but sometimes we need that hard realization. I needed that swift kick in my ass. I needed people to tell me this. The thing is I listened and did what they said instead of fighting what they were saying to me. Instead of, “We do this for a labor of love. I’m not in it for the money.” Fuck it and be broke.

We updated this thing to be, “Here’s the ultimate truth and you’ve dealt with this in business and whatnot. If you can’t fund the mission, you can’t perpetuate the message.” All people are like, “I want to scale. I want to help so many people that want to do with that,” and you work with 20 to 30 people. That’s not scaling and that’s not impact. It’s still quality work. It’s not that it’s not quality work but when you’re like, “I need to help more people.” The only way you can do that is if you scale. Scaling needs money in order to perpetuate that message. If you can’t get the business to make more money or your life to make more money, you can’t fund that. You can’t scale the message and then there are a lot of lives that could have used you if you learn how to make more money. It’s like an idea called me up, “We want you to do a fourth session on that idea. We want you to do the millionaire mindset.” I was like, “Let’s have the millionaire mindset. I like that,” because I think that we can have way more millionaires in our industry and then they’re going to make such a larger difference. We have to teach them how to do that because being a millionaire, it’s a process and a skill that you acquire.

You understood that when you took that step and started looking outside the industry of what was possible for the industry and what the industry can do. That’s what I love seeing you speak on stage. It’s always because you took the time to say, “What’s happening outside of this industry?” Some of the big names that talk at an event are not where they need to be money-wise or financially or living their best lives or whatever life they’re living comfortably. They’re creating a bottleneck for that industry. Unless, people like you come along and say, “There’s a bigger opportunity here and there’s a bigger space in this industry to make money.” It’s that old dogma of the way this industry started from the very beginning was it’s a passion. I got into it to help people. I didn’t get into it to make money. I feel like we are maybe starting to get turned past that.

RU 11 | Creating Your Business Vision

Creating Your Business Vision: Set up the life that you want, do the things that you want, make the impact that you want, and live the way that you want.


I experienced this in my space in the big box space of I got certified and I learned exercise and workouts and whatnot, but they never taught me business. I get messages once or twice a week of trainers leaving the industry because they can’t make money. It’s like, “We are doing a disservice,” not just for the fitness professional. Obesity is still climbing. We haven’t made an impact. When we’re talking about scaling, “Where? Scaling what?” I know that’s always been your mission to beat obesity and you have this quote and it’s, “I believe there’s no better time to automate your expertise and make the impact you’re meant to make.” What does that quote mean to you?

A lot of what all of us can do and it goes back to what we were talking about, your expertise and knowing it and knowing that you have a process. That process can be scaled via coaching programs and courses, etc. It can be chunked into different things. What we’re still doing is always teaching it live or teaching it in an environment where we haven’t been taking the process. When we do our coaching for our students, when I work with somebody, I’m not teaching it like, “Let’s talk about this and let me teach you this, this and this.” It’s in a course, it’s in modules and it’s in a system. You’re watching it there. I’m over there playing with my kid or I’m off on a vacation, or sick or I’m working on another project, but my content is still teaching people. That’s scale.

That’s automating your expertise so that either people 24/7 can be accessing you. The people that want to access you, you don’t have to be like, “It takes me an hour to teach you a concept and I have to teach you twenty days in a row compared to lessons that it’s work. When I’m on, I’m consulting or laser coaching on something or I’m looking for nuance and pointing you in the right direction. That changes speed. Where you could take your content, package it into many different ways from membership sites, courses and coaching programs, etc., but let that be working 24/7 while you’re doing other shit. Either moving the needle more forward or living life more. I don’t care what way you want to do on them, it depends on how big you want to go in your life.

When we have this conversation about the scam and things like that, some people think it’s got to be the guru life and I’ve got to be doing this. I’ve seen that life and I’ve got a nine-month-old and whatnot. I don’t want that life. I like a nice seven-figure life on my terms, my schedule and my thing. I wake up, I would do my work in the gardens or play with my kid but shit is going on. You know the formula for how to make that kind of money based on the life that you want while still making the deep impact that you want. To me, the impact is a little bit different than the scale. To scale could be I got a lot going on out there, impact is the quality of the people that you’re working with that are then paying it forward and going on to do their great work.

The conversation can be about how deep are you going in your message and what’s the frequency of what you’re doing it with the people that matter who can go 10x that? That’s how you can still shift the needle of the world and not be like, “I need to command 10,000 room stages.” Not that that’s not awesome because it’s the same method to get to $1 million with 100 people. It’s the same as 10,000 people. It’s just how much are you going to turn the dial to get to the 10,000 people? Pull and extract the knowledge in the head, create a framework for it, start automating that and get that selling around the clock and start living more life. It’s a fucking short life. Let’s live a little bit more instead of being burnt out, be stressed and be grinding. I love Gary Vee but it isn’t about the grind all the time. It’s about setting up the life that you want, do the things that you want and make the impact that you want and live the way that you want. Before we’re all said and done, how did you live life and matter with your family? That’s what it means.

Both you and I follow Brendon Burchard and he has those three, “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” For me, when I went at High Performance Academy and sat down and heard him say that, those are the questions that when it comes down to on that day you’re lying on your bed, “Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?” My question for you is how are you creating an impact in the world?

Giving more freedom to people like every single person that we’re trying to work with, we’re letting them know, “Do you recognize that there’s more freedom in life?” The job world isn’t secure and isn’t giving you the freedom and that myth is over. The brick and mortar isn’t the only option anymore and it’s a tougher option. The online world and network marketing worlds, diversifying your model allow you to have more freedom and pick and choose your daily dream experience. If we are helping more people be like, “I have the ability to be the parent that I want and the spouse that I want, live where I want, work where I want and make as much money as I want.” We call those the five freedoms if you will or live that life no matter what it looks like. That’s the level of the impact that we want.

I’ll take 20 to 100 people that I know woke up and had their gardens, their vineyards and whatever their thing is for that. For them, it might be the beach or the mountains but that’s the way that they work every day. They’re working with the exact people that they want to be surrounded by making the impact that they want. At the end of the day, they have a lifetime of memories, a life of stories and a life of laughs. I’ll take that all day long as compared to the dollar amounts that we made and the scale at which we did it, which is important and we still want that. Don’t get me wrong but I won’t judge that by my deathbed. I’ll judge it by the number of people that have the stories, the memories and the laughs in this short, freaking life that created their version of impact. I’ll be good.

I want to talk about Vision In the Vineyards. Can we talk a little bit about what that is and what goes on? If anyone is interested and say, “I want to reach out to Vito because I need help identifying my vision.” What is Vision In the Vineyards?

You need to be automating your expertise so that people can access you 24/7. Click To Tweet

The birth of Vision In the Vineyards came out of an event I was at. I was in Brendon Burchard’s mastermind. We were in Cabo and he comes in and at the start of the event, he was like, “Every single one of you has a six-figure idea that you can make up this weekend. Everybody in this room, you all paid $30,000 to $60,000 to be here. You’re all fucking good. You’re all good at what you do. Go put something out that can go be a six-figure idea for you.” He walked us through a couple of ideas for some stuff. Anna and I were there and on a break, we were sitting around being, “What can our thing do that we got in the house and whatnot?” We were a few months into the house and what we’re good at is personal coaching, teaching and helping them make a system out of it, cutting it into their courses and coming up with their brand. We’re going to help them birth their vision. It’s got to be in the vineyards, Vision In the Vineyards. That’s it. That’s our idea.

We went and we made some videos from there, we sold our first one right from there and got that going. It’s because an idea with action creates flow and that creates the agents of change. I remember I saw Brendon a few months after that and I was like, “Vision In the Vineyards, we’ve already tacked on six figures in that few months.” Not only did we sell six events but the people joined our coaching programs on the backside and those coaching programs were $24,000 to $60,000. He was like, “Five people have come up to me since that event and been like, ‘I did something with that.’” The room had 80 people in it. That lets you know ideas are a dime a dozen but the idea with action is the agent of change.

Anyone reading to that’d be like, “Vision In the Vineyards is awesome,” but you have an idea and you have something. That’s why when you were saying they can’t think of the $5,000 thing, I didn’t think of it until somebody said, “Fucking put some now and go do it and make it be good at what you do and whatnot and off you go.” There are three main offers in your business that you have to carve out. Call it your million-dollar offer, which is your big coaching system. Your core offer, which is your signature system and then your low tier product is your feeder program. Those are the main three things that make up an online business. Of course, a membership site and continuity are important for recurring revenue but some people teach to start with that. We push that back a little bit.

If you figured out your framework, you could make a membership site of your framework in pretty much an hour. Nail your million-dollar offer, nail the signature and nail you’re your gateway product but they’re like, “I don’t know how to come up with the vision, the brand, the name, the theme, this and that.” You come here and we have a private casita that you stay on. Fuck the conference room. Fuck the seminar shit. What about if you’re staying on a vineyard with gardens, fountains and you had your own little private area? It feels like a luxury. You wake up and there are tea, coffee and a flower and whatnot. That’s all Anna and she creates that whole part of it but people love it and you come out and we’re literally like whiteboards.

Half the time we’re doing it outside and we’re extracting everything, extracting the audience, extracting what they’re going to do and extracting their process. We’re cutting it up where I help them lay it out into the actual curriculum that will make up their coaching and course process in two-and-half days where for most people it’s years to figure all that out. We’re accelerating it and saying, “You can do that.” It’s obviously a lot of fine wines and fine dinners because it is part of what we love to do. We love taking people out, we shower them with some awesome things. In two-and-half days you can go out there and get the kickstart to your online business. All you’re into is the execution of the systems and operations but the hard part about figuring out how you’ll be distinct, how you’re going to step into the market and creating that system, we do it in two-and-a-half days. It’s our favorite thing that we love doing.

Is there a website someone can go? and if it’s anybody that comes through you, DM me and have them email me. If they come through you, get on a call with me, let me hear what you’re at and I’ll give that time up to be like, “Did you come through Khaled?”

Thank you for doing that. I appreciate that.

When people come to Vision In the Vineyards, they’re like, “I like wine,” that’s the problem. They come here and they’re like, “It’s a whole different world.” I’m like, “I know,” and we’re only a couple of years out from starting our bottling process, which is going to be a whole new thing. Some of the stuff I always try to teach people, when you learn how to build a business, you can duplicate that because that skill is transferable. We were able to do that in our online expert business, in Vision In the Vineyards and in our La Fata Estate Wines and whatnot that are coming. That’s how we’ve built multiple six-figure businesses because these are our passions, our expertise and our things. When you know how to build a business, you have control and power in your life. What a lot of people aren’t doing is being like, “How about I learn that skill set?” I can then transfer it to all the things that I want to do to make a happy life that I feel tapping my passion, tapping my expertise, the things, the hobbies and the interests that I have or the philanthropy that I want to do. Learn how to build a business. You can do anything you want in this world.

RU 11 | Creating Your Business Vision

Creating Your Business Vision: You weren’t birthed knowing how to do something, but you can get the coaching, the mentorship, and the skills to know how.


I know you keep mentioning we, I know it’s you and Anna, how’s that dynamic been business, personal and you have a child together? Some of the people in the audience are married or they work with their partner. How do you leave the business as business and personal as personal or do you bring both worlds together for you guys?

Both worlds are all together and that goes back to that first piece of clarity of the life that you want. We’re both fitness and health. We both have that as a passion and expertise. We both love building businesses, we have that as expertise and as a passion together. We love our family and we love our daily life. We melded all of this by sitting down and asking ourselves questions, “How do we want our life to look? Where would we want to be? What do we want this to look like? How do we do businesses together?” That’s what we love the network marketing business because both that business feeds each other’s business. We both are out in the fitness industry doing our thing, which attracts people into Vision In the Vineyards or Visionary Planner. It’s the two of us out there doing it and it’s intentionality. Most people don’t communicate, aren’t intentional about what they want and don’t dream big enough to say, “Why can’t you do this?” You weren’t birthed knowing how to do it but you can go get the coaching, the mentorship and the skills to know how to do this. We’ve invested a lot of time and money in coaches, mentors and learning this stuff to be able to do it to hopefully rock and roll.

One question I always ask a guest is what has been or what was your rise up moment? It doesn’t have to be one, maybe you’ve had a few. What’s been your rise up moment that’s led you to say, “I did this and because of this I am on the trajectory that I am right now?”

It’s 2010 when I started my online business and I added the Beachbody network marketing business, those two things have led to the million-dollar life that we have. Without those things, we wouldn’t be where we’re at. We didn’t say, “I’m going to build a different model,” and we didn’t get in the way, as much in the industry, network marketing or MLM. That stupid thought is why you’re broke. That great thought made me a millionaire. Online, I’m investing in that and going all in. I made the decision to go all-in with those two. That was a rise up moment that changed the rest of our lives from here on out.

If someone’s to get ahold of you, where’s Vito hanging out? and they can find me on Facebook at Vito La Fata, on IG it’s @VitoGLaFata or they can go to I’ll give them the free Eight-Step Online Business Blueprint little mini-training.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hop on and talk with me. I loved what you shared. You always have high energy.

It’s always fun to wrap with you. We always have the best time. I appreciate you and I hope the RISE UP crowd keeps on rising up.

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I will see you next time. Take care.

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