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How do you bring the boom into your fitness business and create the noise that gets you massive clients? Author of The One Hour Trainer and Menopause Success Triangle, Rahz Slaughter walks us through his success journey powered by the art of selling. Known as The Motivator, he drops a load of knowledge bombs for fitness trainers who are afraid to leap over the other side of grinding in a big box gym. Believer of the value of live events, find out from Rahz how to market your fitness business and sell a high-value training program without relying on social media. Also, catch his hacks to building authority in the industry and learn more about The One Hour Trainer Summit.

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Bringing The BOOM Into Your Fitness Business with Rahz Slaughter

On this episode, I have the King of Boom, Rahz Slaughter. We dive into how do you bring the energy? How do you bring the noise? How do you bring the boom into your fitness business? Rahz talks about his story of moving to Florida and the Florida Project and starting a business from scratch in a whole other state. I have a huge announcement. I launched RISE Academy and RISE Retreat. I’ve been sitting on both of these trying to figure out where I wanted to take the RISE brand.

RISE Academy, it’s if you’re a gym owner, a personal trainer in that one to three years of business where you need help with your systems, your marketing, your sales. It’s a one-day fitness business sales and marketing event here in Dallas, Texas. That is RISE Academy. We’ll spend the first half of the day putting together your marketing plan. The second half of the day, we’re going to talk about sales and sales strategies and how do you build your sales pipeline. RISE Retreat has been something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I feel like there’s at a point where as a business owner you almost need to step away and disconnect from everything and everybody and get to a point where you are focusing on yourself, but you’re also in the room with ten other high-level fitness business owners.

I’m planning it for 2020. We’re going to head to Puerto Rico. I went there, it was four days, five nights, all in on the business, on personal development. We’re going to meditate, we’re going to work out, we’re going to have some fun. If you’re interested in either one of those, shoot me an email at Finally, RISE 2019, my three-day business conference for fitness professionals. It’s happening here in Dallas, Texas. The notification list is open, so make sure you are on that list when tickets go on sale. Go to You’ll see a bunch of the speakers. I look forward to seeing you at RISE Academy or RISE Elite.

If you don’t know who this man is, he’s the King of Boom, Rahz Slaughter. Welcome to the show.

I’m excited to be here. Thank you for having me on your show.

I want to kick things off for the audience that don’t know who you are. What’s one of your favorite quotes?

One of my favorite quotes is, “Live life daringly or not at all,” by Helen Keller. It’s something I believe in. People got to understand that you’ve got to dare to dream, to be yourself and go big. Don’t try to be everybody else, just be yourself. Step out there and get fired up.

As I’ve gotten to know you over the last few years, that is a big part of who you are. It’s going big, taking the risk, stepping up, being who you are. We are definitely circling back to that. What’s one of your superpowers?

My superpower is my ability to motivate, AKA Coach Rahz, The Motivator. I love to inspire people to create the best versions of themselves. I do that by sharing my personal ups and downs in life and show them how I persevered to get to the point I am and where I’m going.

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What are your three favorite books?

The number one book is The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. That’s something that helped shift my mindset. Another one is mostly Tony Robbins. I love anything by Tony Robbins and The China Study in the fitness and health space.

I haven’t read The Greatest Salesman in the World. What’s one of your greatest lifetime achievements?

I was able to take care of my grandma from the age of thirteen years old to the point where she passed away. I was able to make sure that she never worried about money, food and shelter. It’s something that I’m very proud to say even in my darkest moments when I didn’t have a single penny to my name and couldn’t buy anything at Chili’s to eat with my friends, she never had to go without.

What are you grateful for now?

I’m grateful for the fitness industry. It saved my life. It allowed me to find a platform where I can shine and be the person I want to be and utilize my superpower. As a personal trainer, I was told that this is not even the profession for me because I wasn’t the standard. I wasn’t 6’2, blond hair, blue eyes. I didn’t look like everybody else. I have a disability. The guy who I was trying to get a job from, he basically said, “You should go do something else.” He goes, “I’ll hire you for the front desk, but we don’t have a position for a personal trainer.” I took that opportunity to kick the damn door in and the rest is history.

RU 9 | Fitness Business

Fitness Business: If you’re going to be successful at personal training, the number one skill you must have is the ability to connect with people and communicate your energy.


You have definitely kicked the door in the fitness industry. I want to segue into that. Take us through your journey in the fitness industry to what you’re doing now.

The journey started back in 2000. I’ve been in the game a little while. One of my friends got a certification. He was a good guy but he wasn’t very smart. I didn’t think anything that he was going to be like, “If he can do it, I can do it.” I went to get a job. I was told this is not for me. They didn’t say it in those words, but you didn’t have to. Your body language and actions speak loud. I got started, I got my first certification through the ACE, American Council on Exercise. I don’t read or write very well. I did it at that point, so I had to study hard to get that certification. It wasn’t an easy one. I passed it. I was so excited that I went and got a job at the New York Sports Club.

I was at East 86th and Lexington in New York City. It was a huge gym. It’s not there anymore. It was a great opportunity for me because there were about 60 amazing trainers in that building at the time, Uptown New York. I learned something very early from Tony Robbins’ matching and mirroring. I started watching these trainers on what they were doing and how they were communicating with their clients. I picked up quickly. I learned that if you’re going to be successful at personal training, the number one skill you must have is the ability to connect with people and communicate your energy. That’s what I’ve done.

I started working on a corporate side for them for a while, I learned that sucks. I got hired by Equinox, I learned that that suck. I know you know a lot about that, Khaled. They gave me a bunch of promises, “You’re going to make a ton of money, you’re going to have bonuses.” I’m like, “That’s great. I don’t have to train clients. I can oversee all of this the end.” I got caught up in this significant driven world, to make a long story short. I just walked away. I lost everything. I was back on my grandmother’s couch and I had to decide. I went back to the Equinox with my tail between my legs and started hustling again.

It was a couple of years doing that and in 2007 I decided, “I can’t do this. What am I doing?” I’m waking up at 5:30 AM. I’m getting home at 10:00 PM. I don’t have a car. I’m busting my ass and these guys don’t even care about me. I took two weeks off to take care of my grandmother who was dying of cancer and they basically yanked up my health insurance. They told me that I didn’t hit my numbers, if you missed two pay periods in a row, you’re going to go back. I said, “When can I get it back?” They said, “The next enrollment period isn’t until next February.” I said, “That’s interesting. It’s fucking March. You’re telling me I’ve got to go an entire year pretty much without health insurance but you want me to still come in, grind, work, hustle and dedicate myself to you.” Right away, I became a big grudge employee.

Luckily at that time, the book, The E-Myth, crossed my path. I was like, “I’m going to go do this shit myself. I can do it better than they can.” I took 30 clients across the street to an independent gym. I started my company, Breakthroughs to Fitness, and the rest is history. I said about my business partner, Greg, “This kid had no money. He had no clients but he had faith and belief.” I said, “If you give me sweat equity, we can do this together, I will never cross you. My loyalty will be to you forever. I know that I’m not going to make you 100% partner right now because you’re just walking in. What I need you to do is be willing to work for me, train with me, learn from me and we’ll do this together.” We’ve been in business well-over eleven years. We have three personal standing studios. We opened up multiple ones. We are coaching and consulting. The industry is showing other personal trainers on how to build authentic profitable fitness studios.

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A lot of the people reading might be in that big box gym and they’re grinding. They’re in there at 5:00 AM out at 10:00 PM. What knowledge could you share with them? Help them push through that knowing that there is something on the other side of that if they’re willing to work for what they want.

I learned from Jim Rohn. You’ll hear me drop a lot of names of people that are my mentors. These are mentors so far. I believe that if you understand that if you’re going to grow, you’ve got to be willing to grow yourself. Jim Rohn said, “You’ve got to work twice as hard on yourself than you do on your job.” I felt I had to learn one skill. It was to learn how to sell. Khaled, you’re a master at this. Understanding the power of selling changed the game for me because I’ve never felt I was captured by anyone. I can transfer my energy and knowledge to someone and in that transfer, they’re going to give me money. That is a great skill to understand. When you learned that you can sell, I’m not talking slimy selling, I’m talking about how you know your shit, you connect with them, you understand people, you find their problem and you wrap it up in a pretty bow called resolution. When you do that, people will pay you for what you’re worth. You can go and do it anywhere in any industry once you learn that skill.

We both have jumped in sales to understand it and master it. What do you say to the trainer that says, “I don’t like to sell. I feel salesy. I don’t feel right when I sell.”

It’s not about your feelings. You’re not confident in who you are. You haven’t found your own authentic voice. You’ve got to look inside yourself. David Godman talks about looking into the accountability mirror, look at yourself and say, “What do you want? What’s your why? Why are you doing this?” Because you have a fear of selling and selling should not be something that you fear. It’s an opportunity for you to help someone. It is your obligation to master that skill. If you master that skill, I can promise you nothing else is going to challenge you in this world. I don’t fear if my business is going out. I don’t fear the economy and who is sitting in Washington because I had this ability to show people value through the words that I use to connect with them. If you’re scared to sell, look at yourself and ask yourself why? What am I afraid of? The only reason you’re afraid to sell is that you’re not sold out on the product or service that you’re selling.

What do you mean?

For me, if you’re on the phone with me and I’m trying to share with you the value of coaching with me, I know what I can bring. I truly believe that I can assist any personal trainer, studio owner, how to grow their profitable business and create a lifestyle out of it. I’m not going to sit here and say, “I have this website. I have this membership site.” You’re buying me, my skill set, my knowledge and experience and I’m 100% sold out, I’m Rahz Slaughter. You’ve got to be 100% sold out on what you’re selling to that client. When you become that sold out about it, you’re not going to be fearful of, “Are they going to ask me how much I cost or is it worth it?” Yes, it’s worth it. You’re worth what you believe you’re worth.

RU 9 | Fitness Business

Fitness Business: The only reason you’re afraid to sell is because you’re not sold out on the product or service that you’re selling.


This is why a lot of trainers struggle is because they feel that they have imposter syndrome. Someone told them that they should raise their rates and they haven’t got the skill set yet to create the results for the client so they don’t even believe that they’re worth that. “You should be the high ticket.” What are your certifications? What experience do you have that you can transfer that energy and truly deliver what you’re going to say you’re going to deliver? If you believe in it, you can do it.

We see it on Facebook, they become a high-ticket fitness coach or fitness trainer. When you see that doing what you do and how long you’ve been in the industry and the grind and the work you’ve put in, what comes to mind when you see those posts?

The fact of the matter is that everybody’s selling the high ticket. I’ve been selling high tickets on day one. That’s not some new buzzword. All that means is high value. I believe that what I bring is high value, so I’m going to ask people to pay for what I believe I’m worth. That’s always been in the multiple thousands. I was from New York City, so back in 2000, they were selling $2,000 packages all day every day. It’s not something new but when you see this, all of this is trying to attract those opportunity seekers, people who are chasing the money and not chasing the actual opportunity to change someone’s life. I help people create the best versions of themselves, love themselves inside and out. The value of that is definitely worth thousands of dollars. By myself knowing that, I’m not afraid to go, “Mrs. Jones, here’s what it is. I’ve got three options for you, $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000. Which would you like to get started?” The tone in my voice when I close is powerful and they can feel that energy as well.

If I’m a trainer and I want to start selling high value because like you said, that is what it is, how do that? How do I make those steps to where I want to start selling a high-value training program?

The first thing you need to do is you’ve got to design your own program. Don’t sell someone’s else’s program. Design a specific program that you helped a specific niche overcome a problem. For me, I’m a specialist in menopause. There’s no one on the planet that helps women with menopause better than me. I helped them understand exercise, diet and stress reduction. I call it the trifecta, The Menopause Success Triangle. That’s my program. It’s a twelve-week, 90-day program where I’m going to assist them in overcoming all 35 menopausal challenges so that they can start to feel better, have a better hormonal balance and more importantly, step into their own power. I can charge $3,000 to $5,000 for a 90-day program because I have my own signature program. Design your own signature program. Make sure that you have the knowledge and ability.

Before you start selling that high ticket program, make sure that you get a handful of clients, put them through your program and Beta test it, so that you know that your shit works. Don’t just throw shit against the wall and say, “It may stick and may work. I want to make more money so I’m going to buy this copy and paste program online and pedal it over and send some PDFs with some meal plans.” I know everybody’s selling nutrition, but I don’t know two shits about nutrition. That is how you start to sell. Get sold out on your own program and you can start to market it at the value that you want.

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With your program, how did you land on that you were going to be the guy that’s going to help women with menopause?

The way I fell in is that I had a coach and he was like, “What’s your niche?” I did what everyone says, “I help women and men between the age of 35 and 40 who have money and they’re busy.” He goes, “No, you don’t. Do you have clients right now?” I said, “Yes, I have two gents.” He goes, “What I want you to do is create a form and I want you to ask them why did they hire you in the first place. When they give you that question, I want you to call everybody who fills it up and get a little bit deeper.” I interviewed almost 35 of our actual clients and I started to ask them questions like, “When you were looking at us online, when you heard about us, when you came in as a referral, what was it about us that caught your attention? Why did you decide to hire us?”

We started hearing things like, “You listen and you were the first ones to understood nutrition. You were focused on making sure it wasn’t just about weight.” I started to look at the age demographic and I’m like, “What are you struggling with?” They say, “I have trouble sleeping. I’m a little bit irritable. I’m going through menopause.” I was like, “You can say it menopause. I understand it. All the women have to go through this transition in life.” At 50 or 55 when you go through it, the other side is awesome. They were like, “What do you know about it?” I know I just happened to read one book, and I got excited and I went and bought 23 books. I read all of those books. Trust me, as a man, those books are not entertaining or fun.

What were some takeaways from those books?

The number one takeaway was lifestyle. A lot of women didn’t realize that their lifestyle was creating these symptoms. When I’m able to actually write that in my copy, in my ads or in my videos, people were like, “This guy does know his shit.” Much so that I wrote a book on it, I changed my name to Kris T. Smith because I didn’t want everybody to know it was Coach Rahz The Motivator at first. When I did it, I want it to become that authority and that allowed me to charge high ticket as well. That’s the second point. Not only know your niche but become an authority in what you’re teaching and training people on.

You’re asking your clients why they come to you, why are they working with you? That opens up a ton of great information on who you are and who you’re working with, but becoming an authority. How does somebody in an age where everyone is either a weight loss coach or a life coach or a transformation coach, starting out, how can I establish myself as the authority?

RU 9 | Fitness Business

Fitness Business: You’re not going to build a six or seven-figure lifestyle fitness businesses that’s profitable if you’re afraid to hustle.


First and foremost, you can’t establish yourself as an authority. That’s what we’ve been sold on Facebook, “Becoming an authority in 30 days by hiring me.” No. First, you’ve got to declare, “I’m going to be an authority in this,” and you do the work daily. You start to invest in yourself. You hire coaches. You sit and match and mirror the people who are already out in front doing the thing that you want to do. I looked at the authors and one of them is Dr. Christiane Northrup. She’s one of the foremost experts on menopause. I’ve got all of her books. I emailed her. I started to connect with her. I connected with her publicist. I got her on my podcast.

You learn about the subject and you do more work on that subject than anybody else. It doesn’t take you years. All you need to do is be a little bit ahead of your audience about the subject and you will become that authority. First and foremost, you’ve got to become sold out on. I’m not afraid to tell people that I’m an expert in menopause. I’m not afraid to tell people that I know a lot about a subject that most men don’t know shit about. That also gives me a little bit of a slight edge in the game. Back in 2010 when I started doing it, nobody was talking about it. In 2019 everybody is like, “I help women with menopause.” Even women who have been in menopause are helping. What do you know about menopause? It’s not because you’re a woman doesn’t qualify you as someone who is an expert on the topic.

You made that leap to say, “I’m stepping out. I’m going out on my own. I’m renting space at a different studio. I have my target audience, my niche. I know who I want to work with. I’m positioning myself as the authority.” For you, what got you through those moments where you’re like, “I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, I’m struggling?” What kept you going in those moments when the shit hit the fan and things were not working out the way you wanted them to work out?

In business, you always have a target and you have a goal. It’s exciting when you sit down and you write it out. The fact that it matter is that you have to be willing to adjust. If you don’t adjust on the fly, you’re going to fail. Throughout that process, it sounds great. Everybody thinks you’re an overnight success. First, we were independent. We were spending about $2,500 to $3,500 a month to an independent gym where you had no branding, no positioning, nothing. It was just me with a bunch of trainers. One of our clients said, “Rahz, this doesn’t feel like you. You need to have your own space.” We were scared shitless. Do you mean go sign a lease and take responsibility, have overhead, water, cans and all this shit that I didn’t even know about?

We found a location. Greg and I jumped in. We had $9,000. We thought we could open with $9,000. We did. We told people that the reason that we didn’t have equipment was that we believed that your body was your equipment. It’s just because we didn’t have any deep pockets. People bought it because we were willing to show passion. We started to follow what the gurus told us, “You’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do lead box, you’ve got to do door hangers. You’ve got to do all this shit. You’ve got to be a group because the group is that thing and it’s what everybody’s doing. It’s a leveraged model.” We almost grouped ourselves right on the fucking business on following the trends. Within a short period of time, I looked around. We had $300 in our bank account. We had six trainers and we were going belly up fast.

Greg and I got in our office and we said, “We’re not leaving this office until we figure this out.” We changed the entire business model in 24 hours. We decided to drop group because that wasn’t our thing. I’m not a big guy jumping in front of people, “Yes, rock and roll.” No, I’m an amazing one-on-one coach. That’s what I do. I knew I could sell that better than anybody in my area. Right away, we took our clients, we wrote up an email. We said, “Greg, you send this email out, I’m going to get on the phone. We’re going to call up all these clients. We’re going to take them from group to one-on-one.” The goal is to try to lose as few as possible.

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We were going to do whatever we can to make sure that we don’t. I got on the phone, started hammering it out. We lost a few and some people said, “I just cannot pay those rates.” We said, “We understand. Maybe there’s someone else you can go and maybe down the road.” We were steadfast on what we’re going to do. We were sold out. We knew that we couldn’t keep doing the model that we were doing. Right away, we went into that. The hard thing is we had to fire our friends. We went from six trainers to two, just Greg and me. I said, “Greg, here we go. We’re back in the break.” I’ve got an office. I get to go home at 5:00. I got systems in place. I hired all these cool coaches and they told me they needed systems. I was like, “We’re training at 5:30 AM again until 9:00PM?”

We started training. We got the money to come in again. People started coming, we started getting results. We want our own unique twelve-week transformation program. It starts to crack. We went to 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 clients. We’re like, “We can bring the team back, but we’re going to bring them back in the right way this time.” We grew our team. Going to the grind, you have to be willing to adapt and innovate. That’s what I want to share with people. I’ve never steadfast on, “This is who I am and this is all I do.”

I know that in business, the landscape and the environment will change and you have to be very flexible, just like a nice bamboo tree. You’ve got to have flexibility or you will break. That’s what we’ve still done. I have to change the business model because we were crushing it. We are the first in the area to use Facebook ads, but now everybody is using the Facebook ads. When I was getting $3 leads that I was filling up challenges for $200, $400, $500, now it’s $2,000, $4,000, $5,000. I have to play the game at a different level. I have to make sure that the conversions are better. That what you have to be willing to do. Here’s the number one thing. When you get stuck, take a minute to take a deep breath. Ask yourself, why are you doing what you do? Do you still love doing what you’re doing? Look out for those answers. Reach out to a colleague. Find somebody who knows how to help you navigate the minds so that you don’t keep blowing the fuck up.

We know Facebook ad cost is damn near through the roof. We know everyone is running six-week programs, some 28-day program. Here I am with Facebook and the rising cost of Facebook. Remember we experienced that Facebook and Instagram shut off. They’ve stopped working for twelve hours and people lost their shit. If that is the case and that was to happen, how do I as a business owner, fitness professional, start continuing to market my business, not solely relying just on Facebook?

I learned from one of my first mentors and I’ll drop it because he deserves respect. Sean Greeley was one of the OGs in this industry of coaching fit pros. He said, “You have to have multiple spokes in your marketing wheel.” Too many people are getting drunk on Facebook and Instagram, especially the gurus who want to teach you one method of acquiring a new client and saying, “No, pay to play.” I’m oldschool. I still like to knock on doors, kiss babies, shake hands. One of the things that is important is live events as a fitpro. Here’s what it does for you. It puts you in front of a captive audience and allows you to articulate your authority, which allows you to sell in front of a group rather than one-on-one.

You have leverage acquisition model. We still do this inside of my businesses three to five times per year. I have one coming up called Juice Your Way Thin here in South Florida. Why am I still doing it at this level? Because I know that it allows me to bring people in on a low cost so I could quit up some ads. I can run some emails, I can do some promotions, flyers and strategic alliances with local businesses around my area. Would you mind handing out this flyer? Would you mind me taking a couple of your cards? I’m going to have an opportunity I could share what you do and why you do it so special.

RU 9 | Fitness Business

Fitness Business: Business is mastery that started on a passion.


I create these relationships throughout the year as well. I get in front of this audience. I answer questions. Bob Burg has The Go-Giver. You go and you give first and they’re looking at you like, “There’s no better stage like RISE.” You can get in front of an audience and showcase what you do, why you do it, how you do it better than anybody else and asks them to make a decision to work with you after you’ve already given them value. That is powerful, number one. Maybe you want to start to learn how to public speak. If you’re afraid, Toastmasters is a great place to learn. The second way you need to do is build an email list. Email is not dead. For those who believe that, it’s because they’re lazy.

You need to create an opt-in page, ClickFunnels, ConvertPages or whatever, and create a bait piece, a piece of content that is unique for you. Don’t just go by somebody’s eBook and say, “I’m going to slap some cover on it and it’s mine.” No, create something that you know. I have what’s called The Invisible Interview, the eleven-minute script that I have for your clients begging become your customers. That’s my opt-in for trainers. I can tell you that kills it because most people don’t have a script. They don’t know specifically what to do, how to get on the phone and transmute their energy quickly so that they can have someone prequalified and make a decision if they’re right for their program. That’s another way because you have a list. Once you have that list, the cool thing about it is that you can communicate with them daily if you want. You could do it Ryan Lee or a Ben Settle’s way, a daily email.

Let me ask you, is that too much work for you? In this day and age, all I want to do is buy ads, wait for it and push enter on the beat, that’s not going to happen. You’re not going to build this six or seven-figure lifestyle fitness business that’s profitable by doing that. You can’t be afraid to hustle. Public speaking is number one, email is number two and the third is strategic alliances. It’s why I’m on your show, Khaled, because we’ve been partnering and helping each other for years since we had the opportunity to meet back in New York when you were speaking at AJ Mihrzad’s event. You have to build relationships. I’ve only been in South Florida for about six and a half months. I have three outstanding joint venture partners. I have one called Three Baristas. It’s a very good coffee place. I go in there and he knows me, “Rahz, what’s up?” There are six or seven people. I go in there. “This is Rahz. He’s the personal trainer from across the street.”

I have my cards positioned perfectly at his register. He loves to share my information. I have a massage therapist. I just hooked up with the local chiropractic. I don’t need chiropractic service, but I’m going to get the money first, create that relationship because I know that his clients come in. Usually the reason their back hurts, the neck hurts, their knee hurts is because they’re overweight. That’s three ways right there that if you start to develop that over the next 90-days to six months and truly wanting to give, you would not have a lead generation problem. I don’t have a lead generation problem. If Facebook closed down, I’m still going to get leads daily.

I love all three of those: live events, the emails, the joint ventures. The email is definitely one where most people get caught up in, “What’s the content I need to share? I don’t know what to say.” Emails work every day. I email once a week. For anyone that’s reading this that says, “I know a lot of it is stop like get started.” For you, is there a cadence that you’ve found that works well with your emails? Part two to that is where do you find the content for your emails?

The cadence is simply what do you like to do? If writing isn’t your forte, shoot a video, upload that video to YouTube, take that link and write three sentences, “Audience, I want to show you this. I created this two-minute, three-minute, five-minute video training for you. Here’s the link. Enjoy it. Have a great day.” If you like writing, write that. If that’s your strength, utilize your strength. Writing isn’t my strength and I’m practicing. I do believe in doubling down on your weaknesses. You have some people out there. I know Gary Vee says, “Don’t focus on your weaknesses, only focus on your strength.” What I found is when you don’t focus on your weaknesses, they become weaker. I’m a little bit different in that sense, so I’m working on my strength.

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I want to become a better copywriter and connect with words. I write my emails. The cadence is simply I keep it real. I don’t try to copy. I’ll write about things that are going on in my life. “I was going out for a walk. My dog ripped the leash out of my hand. He’s chasing a squirrel. I almost tripped and fall into the lake.” People like to hear that. At the end, I PS. I learned this from Ryan Lee. It says, “By the way, I have my new six-week challenge coming up. If you’re interested or been on my list for a while and you’ve been on the fence and you want to learn more, just click this link. You can text me right away.”

I’ve got a couple of texts out of that just saying, “I’ve been watching you.” Because when you get those leads that are coming through paid, you’re not going to get everybody that’s going to go, “I’m ready to answer right now.” You have to nurture that relationship. Content is everywhere. I can write an email and talk about me being on the RISE podcast and what that experience was like, and tie that into, “I’m having an event. If you’re interested in learning some of the things that I’m going to, I just finished talking on the RISE podcast, why don’t you come to my event?” It’s simple. Find your content.

I’ll give you a tip. Take out a piece of paper, divide that piece of paper up into seven days. Make it four weeks and decide what you want to write about. Do you want to rant? Do you want a how-to? Do you want to write about life? Do you want to give a tip of the day, a recipe of the day, an exercise movement or motivational tip? Go and you fill out the topics and you go from there and you alternate. If you have an admin or an assistant, you sit down with them for a couple of hours. You decide on a framework, you decide on how you want a template this, you have them do it and you automate the process. With your lifestyle fitness business, it’s not you doing it, you leveraged by doing it but you created the system and you have someone assisting you in making it happen.

We attend events, we both host our own events. As a fitness business owner, as a fitness professional, why do you feel attending events are important? You made a post about the Wild Wild West in the industry. That’s funny because that’s the theme of RISE, so you and I are both on the same wavelength. What are you seeing in the industry that’s creating this Wild Wild West type of feel in the fitness industry?

First, the Wild Wild West, I feel like it’s so open. We have so many people jumping into the fray because fitpros are struggling. It’s like they’re in the ocean and they’re injured and sharks are all around them. Everybody is like, “I can get you leads. I help Facebook professionals double and scale their business.” I look at this guy’s page and I’m like, “A year ago, you were just a branding expert. A year ago, you were working at a supermarket. A year ago before you bought Dan Henry’s course, you were nothing. Before you found Sam Ovens, you weren’t shit.” I’m not knocking you. I want you to realize that just because fitpros are buying this stuff, we as the industry who’ve been in it, we need to slow it down a little bit and start rejecting somebody’s offers and say, “Authenticate why you can help someone.” That’s the problem.

I open up my Facebook and I’m inundated with more experts who can get me leads and they’re doing the Gary Vee direct message, “I see that you have a personal training studio. Are you interested in doubling your business?” I’m like, “At least click on my profile.” If you clicked on my profile, instantly you will know, “I should not prospect this guy. He put up eighteen audios. He’s interviewed everybody in the industry. He’s been in the game for many years.” I know I’m ranting a little bit because I want you to be here with my passion. I didn’t become a coach and put on my own events because I wanted to be a guru or I wanted to stand out and get on my own soapbox. No, I love doing this daily. I’m in the game learning it, so I didn’t mind sharing it with my fellow fitpros and that’s how it all started.

Fitness Business Mastery, it started out as a passion for me to excel and grow my own businesses so that I could learn the shit I needed to do so I could thrive and not just survive. I see it as the Wild Wild West. We got people who are looking and preying on this industry. I can’t tell you how many guys who are coaching with me had hired other people for $5,000 and got access to a membership site which says, “Here’s your access, go learn.” I dumped a whole bunch of content on you, but since I’ve never walked those waters, I can’t tell you how to navigate them and come out on the other side.

That’s why I see it as the Wild Wild West. Now, going to events, events changed my life. I went to an event by Jeffrey Combs who’s a multilevel marketing guru. I say that because this guy has changed lives for people. That’s how I created my own business. I was onstage, he had Mark Victor Hansen there from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Mark asked me, “What business are you in?” I told him I’m a personal trainer. He goes, “No, you’re not. You’re in the people business. You’re in the people helping transformation business. What’s the name of your company?” I didn’t have the name of my company at the time, but I was at the conference called Breakfree to Success, so I said Breakthrough to Fitness. We create fitness breakthroughs in life through fitness and exercise. I went home and incorporated it. That’s how I started my business.

Events have always changed me. I get inspired by events. I learned at events. I know my best learning pathways when I see, hear and meet someone, their energy transmutes to me and I feel inspired and motivated. I personally still go to them. I get the opportunity to host them. I host a style of event that’s very unique. They’re small, just like my studios. A lot different than Versus and all of the huge educational base. These are about communicating, connecting and helping you leave the event with a specific game plan so that you can take and implement that content go and start to make money 20, 30, 45 days after. You see a high 10X return on your investment from leaving your family, getting on a plane, flying to somewhere and learning and being in a group of your fellow fitpros and doing the thing.

Inspiration and motivation are awesome, but I’ve done Tony Robbins. It’s a life-changing. When you leave there and you come back and get smacked in the face of our reality, you forget. That’s why events are so powerful. Just to give it back to you, when I got to go to your event out in California, I felt that energy, I felt your passion. You create an event that’s not like so many of the others where it’s just about, “I’m the host and I put this on. I’m going to stay behind the backstage curtain because I don’t want no one to see me and I’m not going to connect with people.” That’s not your style. That’s why we’re friends because I like what you were doing for this industry. I believe that RISE is going to be legendary.

It means a lot. Both of us running our own events. People don’t realize the amount of work that goes into putting one of these on. When you have a fellow host, you feel the challenges and the struggles and the pains. I want to talk about your event and the success of your events had. It’s different than what’s out there. If the audience have questions about their business, where can people find you?

There are two places that I highly recommend you go. The first place is the website, That’s the home of everything that I’m putting up all my videos, tutorials. You can get The Invisible Interview, The Eleven Minutes script that will help you have your clients begging to become your client customers. Hit me up on Facebook at That’s the best place to connect with me. I’m on there every day unless they’re shut down. We can connect there and have a conversation. If there’s something that I could do to assist you, I’m more than willing to help you out. Even if I just have to point you in the right direction.

The final question, what was your RISE UP moment? Was there an action that because you took that action at that moment, you rose to that next identity or that next chapter?

I had many but one that comes to mind is when I realized that I am responsible for my own success. I had to take the credit card out of my pocket, which I was deathly afraid, hand it over, pay a coach $4,000 for four sessions. It was scary as shit because I had never invested that much in my personal growth. Once I did that, I had a new thermostat for investing in my myself, which has allowed me to buy speed and it always allows me to be ahead of the curve in my industry. That changed my game whether in business or in life. Whether I’m buying personal growth or in business, it allowed me to keep a slight edge on the competition. That is the key, be willing to invest in yourself. That was my RISE UP moment.

I hope you enjoyed this episode. There were a lot of solid takeaways and go-tos that you can implement. I wish you all well. Take care. I will see you next time. Rahz, thank you again for coming on.

Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. I enjoyed it.

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